Thursday, October 31, 2013

Schools watching students

         I'm not entirely sure how to feel about the facts raised in this article, but what I do feel is that schools should not be able to monitor the kids internet use outside of school, it's a violation of our privacy. In the article, they argue that it is just for our safety, quoting a 16-year-old boy who claimed he would shout a list of people in his school on MySpace and ended up spending a month in jail. But most things that are posted outside of school have nothing to do with the school itself. Like the incident with the girls and the lollipops on Facebook being suspended, and the courts cleared it up being a violation of the constitution, was completely unreasonable and violated those kids privacies and really was no need of it. I think, only if they start to take action on what is said, is when repercussions should take place.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Twitter Bio

Artist, child of four, bird and dog lover, eccentric, gore enthusiast, Swedish.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Opportunity to be creative

        A lot of times, classes do not encourage you to do creative things, to just go with the flow. It all really depends on the classes you're taking. If what you're taking is just core classes (I.e. History, math, science, etc.), there won't be much creativity to work with, and creativity, I think, is very vital to learning. Like Cecilia Conrad said in her piece: "Creativity flourishes at the intersections of traditional disciplines, but traditional means of assessment often marginalize individuals working to define new and unique fields of endeavor". Creativity allows for those new ideas that our society thrives on to be made. 
        In my own opinion, Freeport high school gives us plenty of chances to be creative. With writing assignment and the various different art classes they have to offer, such as drama, studio art, creative writing, and ceramics. Most of the high schools that I've either been to or have heard of don't provide such opportunities, so the same can't be said for every school. But I do feel, though, as we get older, the creative flow becomes more and more stunted with the goal to become better at standardized tests and homework.