Thursday, November 14, 2013

Opening moment
I found this one to be most interesting mostly because I'm all about learning about murders niece murderers and what goes through the victims/ killers heads. Also it was probably one of the most interesting on the Portland Press Herald, next to a minivan crashing into a Dunkin Donuts.

Friday, November 8, 2013

bullying case

        I think that pranking crosses the line to bullying if the prank is meant to diminish the person in one way or another, to make them feel stupid or worthless. In the article they say "For years, young players in the N.F.L. have been subjected to a wide swath of indignities straight from the hallways of high school or the back rooms of fraternity houses…regularly bring sandwiches or fast food to teammates." it's not even pranks at that point, it's just childish games. 
         The intent of the prank is also important, whether the victim of the prank is hurt or not. You never know if someone's going to be listening in, or watching what you're doing, and maybe they could be hurt or offended by it. The reaction is key to the whole thing, it's the whole point of a prank. Sometimes pranks can be hurtful, and the person (victim) might express that.
        I think that the NFL shout treat the harassment a little more harshly, because I think that it's just ridiculous at this point that grown men are bullying each other and playing childish pranks on their own teammates. Having people leave the team because of bullying is only hurting the team as a whole.