Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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For the first piece, I chose my valentines day article, mostly because it was one of my favourite pieces I wrote this semester, and it was really well done and a new topic that a lot of people really haven't heard of. It's also one of my longest pieces of the semester, as well. I had interviewed two different people for this piece, each with a differing point of view on the topic that I was discussing, to really show the contrast and just how much that the average, everyday person isn't exposed to. Overall, I thought it was a really good piece and that's why I chose it.
For my second piece, I chose an editorial I wrote on the price of college now-a-days. Honestly, I didn't really have much of a choice with this one, seeing as though I didn't really write all that much this semester, but I suppose this is an okay piece, it definitely could be better, but I don't really know how to go about fixing that. If this piece, I wrote how expensive college is these days and how important it is to have a college degree, even if it isn't in something you want to pursue. If I had to redo this piece, I probably would.
I chose my independent vox pop to display because that was the best one I did. I had better answers in that one, better sound quality, better background music, and a more interesting question than the other one. I didn't exactly enjoy doing the vox pop but it was interesting to hear all the different answers, nada what I liked most about my question is the variety in answers that it could get, since it was an opinionated retort.

Vox pop



The cost of living
Is the cost of college too much? What happens when a person can't afford college? They can't get a good job, a high grossing job, good enough to support themselves or others, such as a family. It's ridiculous that you have to pay an arm and a leg to get an education in this country.
The average two year, in-state, cost of a public college is $3,131, and the average four year, out of state public college is $8,665, and those are just the averages according to College Board. Private colleges will cost almost three times as much, coming to an outstanding $29,056.
Once a person graduates from college, they have to find a home, a job, and be able to pay both college loans and bills on their house, which all adds up very quickly, draining your bank accounts.
There are college that specialize in topics that students want to specialize in as well, but probably can't afford to pay the costs of what it is to go there, causing them to have to settle for less than want they want, and then in turn not getting the job you want. I realize you can't have everything you want, but it's education. It's a bit absurd that you have to pay so much to be able to support yourself in life.
When asked what he thinks about the price of college, Kevin Cassidy said "I completely agree, people should not have to pay so much to be able to go to school to get a job." In som jobs, they will pay you more to have a bachelors of some sort, even if it doesn't relate to the field of work. "I could have a degree in basket weaving if I wanted to, and be paid twice as much as I am getting paid now."

Valentines day article

When most people think about Valentine's day, they think of heart shaped boxes of chocolates and roses and most other "mushy-gushy" things. But, truth is, not everyone likes that kind of stuff. What first comes to mind on February 14th, is romance. But there are people out there who don't experience romance, or even want to. These type of people are called aromantic.
Aromantics are people who experience little to no romantic attraction; Where as most other people have an emotional need to be with another person in a romantic relationship. Aromantic people are often satisfied with friendships and other non-romantic relationships. Although, this doesn't prelude them from feeling other forms of love or attraction. "Many other forms of substantial and beneficial relationships with others can be formed" Rachel Wolfe said ", such as friendships, the bond you may have with family, or a pet, etc."
Romance is a feeling that most people experience, especially on Valentine's day. Romance is the expressive and, in some cases, pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction towards another person associated with love. It usually implies an expression of a deep and strong emotional desire to connect with another person intimately or romantically. The term "romance" actually originates from the medieval idea of chivalry as it was portrayed in its romantic literature.
 When asked, Rachel Wolfe said "Romanticism, at its core, was a movement in the 18th century focusing heavily on the concepts of human emotions in a wide array, mostly very strong emotions such as love, terror, bravery. The time period is also where a strong sense of 'romancing' other beings came into play, the emphasis on these feelings and enacting the wooing of other people."
Another form of romanticism that people may not know of, is demiromanticism. Aromanticism and demiromanticism are the big two, there are plenty of other stem offs as well. Demiromantics are people who only experience romantic attractions or feelings towards someone after a strong bond has been formed.
 Where most romantics can elicit romance to their partner almost immediately, demiromantics cannot do so right away. When I asked a friend, Clifford Anderson, what he knew about demiromantics, he had said "I think it's a moderate amount of romance being shown." Showing that the average person knows little to nothing about these kinds of orientations.
There are plenty of other terms as well. Such as lithromantics, grey-romantics, queerplatonics, and more; they are all people who experience different types of romantic attractions, if any at all.
"I consider Valentine's Day being highly bastardized. These days it is merely a corporate holiday targeting the evolved ideals from the romanticism era and morphing them into a highly monetized concept of spending exorbitant amounts of money on partners for this singular day, almost a competition if you will, of who can spend the most money on the most lavish displays of affection through material gain." Rachel said, after I had asked her what she thought Valentine's day was about. On the other hand, Cliff had said it was "a day to do something nice for the one you love." There are a spectrum of people who think and feel different things on Valentine's day, and they should all be acknowledged and respected.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Geri's game review

Geri's game is a funny little short that I remember watching when I was a kid, right before watching "Bugs Life". There's only one character, Geri, and it seems as though he's a lonely man, which he shows through his actions. It has no spoken words, all for you to interpret yourself with the emotion shown through the character.
The short animation is about an old man who decides to play a game with no one else but himself. Switching back and forth, he challenges himself in a game of chess. He shows two different personalities with each persona he takes on; One, a competitive person, and the other, seemingly kind hearted.
Almost reaching the breaking point of the chess game, Geri decides to trick his other persona into thinking he had a heart attack, just so he could switch the board around, making him the winning side. His opponent, with only a queen left, he and no other choice but to sacrifice the game, giving himself the winning prize.  It's a light-hearted animation, and the genre is a comedy. Overall, it was a nice little video to watch, and I enjoyed it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Movie review

  • If you are thinking about seeing a particular movie, would you consult a movie review for a recommendation? Why or why not?
    - I don't think I would. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions but only I can make my own.
  • What types of useful information can a movie review offer you? List as many as you can.
    - I guess it can tell you what to expect, just in case it's a bad movie, or maybe if it's good/worth seeing.
  • How often do you think young people consult movie reviews before watching a movie?
    - probably a lot. There's a lot of sites revolving around movie reviews, like rotten tomatoes.
  • What aspects about movie reviews make them a positive or negative influence on your decision to watch the movie?
          - whether what the people say about the movie is good or bad can really influence someone's decision to watch the movie.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

College crossroads

— What is your idea of what the perfect college for you might be? Why?
I guess the perfect college, in my mind, would be one that specializes in something I want to go into, or, at least, have a wider selection of what I want to go into. When a college doesn't have what you're looking for, it makes it hard to enjoy what you're doing, and having to settle for less is never fun.
— How much pressure do you feel, whether from parents, teachers, the media or your friends, to get into a selective college? How do you handle that pressure?
I feel a lot, actually. All my parents had gone to really prestigious colleges and are now applying pressure to me to do something more with my life. I'm not too good with handling pressure, though, I normally just try to brush it off.
— In the end, how much do you think it matters where you go to college? Why?
Not that much really, you still come out with a degree or bachelors in something. It may sound better to say you got it from Princeton rather than a community college, but the certificates have equal meaning.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SAT scores

  • — Do you think SAT scores could be a good indicator of future career success? Why or why not?
- in a way they are, but just like the article said, high school transcripts would be a better indication of they would do in college. It's just one test, there shouldn't be that much focus on just that to determine if you'll get into college or not.
  • — If you were on a hiring committee at a workplace, would you consider SAT scores as part of an applicant’s materials?
- I would not. I don't think the SAT has much to do with work/work ethic.
  • — What if a job applicant did not take the SAT? Do you think some employers would penalize that person? How should this situation best be handled, in your opinion?
- I don't think that person should be penalized at all. Like I said in my previous answer, I don't think the SAT matters all that much when applying for a job, so I think it's something that should just be brushed off.