Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Blog overview

For the first piece, I chose my valentines day article, mostly because it was one of my favourite pieces I wrote this semester, and it was really well done and a new topic that a lot of people really haven't heard of. It's also one of my longest pieces of the semester, as well. I had interviewed two different people for this piece, each with a differing point of view on the topic that I was discussing, to really show the contrast and just how much that the average, everyday person isn't exposed to. Overall, I thought it was a really good piece and that's why I chose it.
For my second piece, I chose an editorial I wrote on the price of college now-a-days. Honestly, I didn't really have much of a choice with this one, seeing as though I didn't really write all that much this semester, but I suppose this is an okay piece, it definitely could be better, but I don't really know how to go about fixing that. If this piece, I wrote how expensive college is these days and how important it is to have a college degree, even if it isn't in something you want to pursue. If I had to redo this piece, I probably would.
I chose my independent vox pop to display because that was the best one I did. I had better answers in that one, better sound quality, better background music, and a more interesting question than the other one. I didn't exactly enjoy doing the vox pop but it was interesting to hear all the different answers, nada what I liked most about my question is the variety in answers that it could get, since it was an opinionated retort.

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  1. Very well-written I really liked the entire piece