Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The cost of living
Is the cost of college too much? What happens when a person can't afford college? They can't get a good job, a high grossing job, good enough to support themselves or others, such as a family. It's ridiculous that you have to pay an arm and a leg to get an education in this country.
The average two year, in-state, cost of a public college is $3,131, and the average four year, out of state public college is $8,665, and those are just the averages according to College Board. Private colleges will cost almost three times as much, coming to an outstanding $29,056.
Once a person graduates from college, they have to find a home, a job, and be able to pay both college loans and bills on their house, which all adds up very quickly, draining your bank accounts.
There are college that specialize in topics that students want to specialize in as well, but probably can't afford to pay the costs of what it is to go there, causing them to have to settle for less than want they want, and then in turn not getting the job you want. I realize you can't have everything you want, but it's education. It's a bit absurd that you have to pay so much to be able to support yourself in life.
When asked what he thinks about the price of college, Kevin Cassidy said "I completely agree, people should not have to pay so much to be able to go to school to get a job." In som jobs, they will pay you more to have a bachelors of some sort, even if it doesn't relate to the field of work. "I could have a degree in basket weaving if I wanted to, and be paid twice as much as I am getting paid now."

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