Thursday, April 17, 2014

Geri's game review

Geri's game is a funny little short that I remember watching when I was a kid, right before watching "Bugs Life". There's only one character, Geri, and it seems as though he's a lonely man, which he shows through his actions. It has no spoken words, all for you to interpret yourself with the emotion shown through the character.
The short animation is about an old man who decides to play a game with no one else but himself. Switching back and forth, he challenges himself in a game of chess. He shows two different personalities with each persona he takes on; One, a competitive person, and the other, seemingly kind hearted.
Almost reaching the breaking point of the chess game, Geri decides to trick his other persona into thinking he had a heart attack, just so he could switch the board around, making him the winning side. His opponent, with only a queen left, he and no other choice but to sacrifice the game, giving himself the winning prize.  It's a light-hearted animation, and the genre is a comedy. Overall, it was a nice little video to watch, and I enjoyed it.

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